Emmanuel Mikidis

Numerologist :: Tarot Interpreter

Who is he 

Emmanuel Mikidis provides counseling services using Numerology, Pythagorean Tarot, and Astrology.

With the experience gained from years of study in these cognitive subjects, he can offer advice in areas such as relationships, work-career, finances, or any other topic related to personal development.


Who...he is not

1. He is not a psychologist, nor a specialist or mental health counselor.
2. He is not a doctor or a healthcare professional and does not provide any kind of medical diagnosis.
3. He is not a lawyer and does not offer any legal advice.
4. He is not an economist and does not provide specialized advice regarding investments, etc.
5. He is not a medium, intermediary, and does not offer services of that nature.
6. He is not not offer "magical solutions" or any kind of "elixir" that guarantees such results."

His abilities


Numerology is the study of numbers and deals with the numerical data and their significance in our daily lives. Its subject is the analysis of our lives based on numbers, applying simple mathematical calculations.


The history of the famous cards dates back to ancient times, as they constitute the oldest system of divination. The psychological, symbolic, and divinatory significance of Tarot cards is so great that these cards have rightly been characterized as an 'Ultimate-computer'...

Lenormand Cards

The Lenormand deck consists of 36 cards that describe simple images such as a house, an anchor, etc. It first appeared in the 1790s in Germany. It was redesigned in 1845, shortly after the death of the famous fortune-teller, the Frenchwoman Madame Lenormand."