The 9 numbers are introduced…

Εach number representing an ark of information, having its own vibration, emitting a purely "personal" wavelength, one might say.

Below, we will briefly describe the vibrations of the first 9 numbers using keywords.

The Dominant (Main) Numbers 11,22,33 as well as the deeper meaning of single digit numbers are thoroughly analyzed in our lessons.


Positive: Action, independent spirit, creative ideas, strong leadership abilities, self-sufficiency, has its own style, responsible, self-organization.
Negative: Excessive self-confidence/aggressiveness, dominance, impatience, egocentrism, show-off, stubbornness.


Positive: Help, flexibility, care for others, sensitivity to the needs of collaborators, logical "judge" or mediator, humility.
Negative: Contraction, nervousness, hesitation, excessive analysis, depression.


Positive: Multiple ways of self-expression, verbosity, intense imagination and inspiration, artistic talents.
Negative: Energy fragmentation, exaggeration, lack of direction, tendency to leave projects unfinished, despair, egotism.


Positive: Sense of moral order, steady development, high practicality, scientific orientation of the mind, attention to detail.
Negative: Lack of imagination, obsession with detail in opinions, conflicts, submissiveness in certain activities.


Positive: Ambitious plans, innovative and imaginative ideas, adaptability, constantly changing "environment."
Negative: Impatience, dissatisfaction, anxiety, fast speech, disappointment, impractical application of ideas.


Positive: Responsibility, artistry, social orientation, balance, compassion for others, humanism, generosity.
Negative: Ambition, persistence, headstrong behavior, dominance in family and friends, interference.


Positive: Excellent analyst and researcher, accumulates knowledge, technical and inventive, analytical, charismatic personality and behavior.
Negative: Distant, silent or sarcastic, loner, inflexible positions, gets upset, scattered.


Positive: Decision-making skills, political talent, specialized handling of power and strength.
Negative: Overly ambitious, workaholic, lack of humanism, poor money management.


Positive: Genuinely friendly, charming, humanitarian, wants to give rather than take, altruism.
Negative: Dispersion, self-flattery, sensitivity, careless in investments.