The Tarot consists of 78 cards and is divided into two parts:

A) 22 cards, collectively known as the Major Arcana.

B) 56 cards, collectively known as the Minor Arcana, categorized into 4 suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles), corresponding to the elements of Nature.

Let's now briefly explore the keywords describing each card of the Major Arcana

The Fool

Risk, direction towards the unknown, instability, madness, nervousness.

The Magician

New beginning, realization, ability, initiative, news.

High Priestess

Subconscious, withdrawal, receptivity, patience, silence.


Birth, tenderness, nourishment, care, abundance, generosity, maternal archetype.


Sovereignty, power, paternal archetype, law and order, rules and guidelines.


Upper protection, dedication of our actions to a group, adherence to conventional limits, knowledge, and education.

The Lovers

Creating connection, choice, dilemma, physical attraction, healthy love, normal love.


Victory, movement, travel, success, restraint of passions, stability in a goal.


Power, strength, physical desire, spirit of generosity, strong foundations, acceptance, tolerance.

The Hermit

Turning inward, introspection, higher knowledge, solitude.

The Wheel of Fortune

Change, destiny, fateful situation, openness to luck or misfortune.


Energy with ethical principles, issues related to the administration of justice, balance, equality.

Hanged Man

Surrender, change of perspective, sacrifice, acceptance of what is, relinquishing control.


Final end, cutting off what is no longer necessary, end of a situation as it existed until now, sweeping change.


Moderation, the middle path, achieving a compromise, cleansing on every level.


Deception, forgetting the Spiritual Path, obsessions, excesses on every level, denial, entrapment in the material plane of existence.


Disturbance, chaos, collapse, humiliation, sudden shock, explosion of anger, collapse of the Ego.


Faith in the future, a sense of great expectation, opening the heart, healing on any level.


Feeling of indistinct anxiety, deception, vivid dreams or visions, aimless wandering, fears, insecurities.


Achievement of a new level of insight, distinction, joy, great health, being in the center of attention.


Awakening, rejuvenation, correction of mistakes, judging or being judged, discovery, a call to account, emergence of reality.


Completeness, reward, completion and absolute success-achievement of goals, prosperity, dreams come true.